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Partners & Investments

The world is changing faster than ever before. Through strategic investments and active partnerships with relevant and cutting-edge companies in our field, we build value and create development opportunities for our customers, employees and owners. We work actively with these part-own companies to create collaborations, insights and lots of new ideas and concepts for our customers and employees.

Hyper Island

Hyper Island is a world-leading global company in digital transformation, digital media, digital strategy, leadership and business development. They work with students, agencies and brands all over the world and have offices in Stockholm, Karlskrona, London, Manchester, Sao Paulo, Singapore and New York. We work with Hyper Island continuously with our employees, Hyper student and clients.


Mamma Mia! the Party

Mamma Mia The Party is the next chapter of the Mamma Mia! Story. Håkanson United is a proud partner and co-owner of the format together with Staffan Holm (Chairman at Live Nation and Håkanson United), Ingrid Suteij (Producer of Mamma Mia The Party) and Mr. Björn Ulvaeus. The Stockholm team of Mamma Mia! the party also share office space with us at Artillerigatan 24.

After 3 years of success in Stockholm, we have now started the expansion with both Gothenburg and London as our new destinations. Next stop, Las Vegas!


Entertainment Exhibition International (EEI)

EEI produces interactive exhibition formats based on sports and entertainment content. 2018 the company opened an ABBA exhibition in London. EEI is owned by Håkanson United, Ingrid Sutej (Producer of Mamma Mia The Party) and Staffan Holm (Chairman of Live Nation and Håkanson Untied.)

ABBA Super Troupers | Exhibition

Telegram Studios / Woahdad

Telegram Studios with it’s lable “Woah dad” is one of Sweden’s most creative independent music companies. The company also invests in and develops different music rights.



Eventum is one of Sweden’s leading event and communications companies. With a passion for “brand building entertainment,” they create truly engaging experiences.

Eventum was responsible for the grand opening of the Swedish national arena (Friends Arena) and has developed formats such as Nordnet Live and Children Climate Prize. They work with events world wide, such as the organizing meetings for the Swedish King and Queen’s Foundation “Global Child Forum”, from the Castle of Stockholm to Pretoria, Kuala Lumpur and Sao Paulo.

The company is owned by Håkanson United, Ingrid Sutej (Producer Mamma Mia The Party) and Staffan Holm (Chairman of Live Nation and Håkanson United)

We at Håkanson United are also glad to share office space with Eventum.


Padel United

Padel United AB is Stockholm’s largest padelactor with 10 halls and 108 courses. Across Sweden, the company currently operates a total of 254 courses, but the company has the ambition to continue to grow rapidly in both Sweden and internationally and expects to operate at least 300 courses in 2021. Håkanson United contributes with expansion capital, acting on the board and also with the agency’s experience in developing and commercializing sports and entertainment both in Sweden and internationally.

Previous Investments


Tunigo was a music service that was acquired by Spotify in 2013, thus creating the base for Spotify’s unique Playlist and Discovery features.


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