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Min nya vän

Integration works best when people meet through a common interest. That’s why SJ’s My New Friend, through SJ’s existing partnerships in different areas, creates meeting places for newly arrived and established Swedes to meet. With My New Friend, SJ wants to work for inclusion, broading perspectives, reducing language barriers and breaking prejudices.

Since the start, new arrivals and existing Swedes have met in places such as Dreamhack, Gothenburg Film Festival, Gothenburg Horse Show and the “Tjejmilen”. A majority of ambassadors have also been involved in the initiative, such as the famous photographer Jens Assur, actor Happy Jankell, the martial arts and television profile Musse Hasselvall, the artist Ulrik Munther and the youtube profile Yacine (YZN) Laghmari. In addition to creating a red thread in SJ’s sponsorship portfolio, the project has made it possible for lots of invaluable friendships to arise. My New Friend has had a big impact internally at SJ, as well as, media, including three features in TV4s morning show.

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