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Grönt kort för fair play

Everyone soccer player knows that if you kick your opponent in the shin, you run the risk of a yellow card, and if repeated, you will be sent off.  Why not use the same system to put attention on those who set a good example within the youth sports instead? Based on this idea, the Stockholm football federation (StFF) rewrote the competition rules and introduced The Green Card for Fair Play.

Since 2016, over 160,000 green cards have been handed out to players in the St. Erik’s Cup (Sweden’s biggest football tournament) and the initiative has been utilized in 35,000 matches each year and engages the entire St. Erik’s Cup target audience with 420,000 relatives, 95,000 players and 12,000 coaches. It became the ‘talk of the town’ within the Swedish youth football community, contributing to StFF sponsor revenues increasing by over 500 %. From 2019 the green card will be activated in al Swedens district, from south to north.

Håkanson United developed the concept on behalf of Stockholm Football Association.

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